Are you looking for a leader who is creative, knowledgeable, and personable? I have over 20 years of diverse experience in eLearning. I enjoy helping others and sharing my talent and knowledge.

Corporate Education Experience

I began developing corporate education with NCR in the 80's. At that time, we were pioneering cutting edge technology: laserdiscs and touch screen monitors. I was both a programmer and graphic artist. We won many awards for innovation and quality through the years as technology evolved. A colleague and I built NCR's first LMS for WBTs. We made presentations at conferences sharing our findings and research. I hold a few patents on some of the work I did at NCR.

After that, I did some freelance consulting developing WBTs, websites, and LMSs for several companies. I wound up as a contractor for the Navy working on WBTs for their pilots (CNATRA). There I created software to help them migrate their courseware from an outdated authoring system to any other authoring system they could choose later.

With Teradata, I work on both ILT material and WBTs as an instructional designer. We have a virtual team with members all over the world, that I collaborate with. I also helped with our last LMS migration (Saba). Some call me the “Magic Man” because I can get quick results when others face challenges and need help.

My Education

I have a BA in Art and a BS in Computer Science from Abilene Christian University. I also have an MS in Instructional Design and Educational Technology from Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Most of my education is self-taught in learning other programming languages, graphics programs, authoring systems, and human communication.

Management Philosophy

I believe in a bottom-up approach to management, giving those under me the tools they need to excel in their role. For underachieving employees, I prefer giving them additional training, or finding them another role in the organization that is a better fit. Showing care for employees makes them better performers.

Management Experience

I serve as an elder at Western Hills Church of Christ along with six other men. We oversee a congregation of over 300 members. Part of my duties includes directing 13 deacons with different ministries, and five paid staff members in their duties. The seven of us have to balance an annual budget of $800K. In a way, this type of management can be more challenging because we are leading primarily volunteer workers.

On the business side, I have been a team leader on many projects. Though never employed with the title of a manager, I have much experience as a mentor and leader in corporate education.